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Foodie Inspiration from Yumna Jawad

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Foodie Inspiration with Yumna Jawad, the Feel Good Foodie 


Foodie Inspiration from the Feel Good Foodie

Tired of cooking, meal prepping or struggling to figure out what to eat? This is your ULTIMATE foodie inspiration.

The Feel Good Foodie and creator of the viral pasta bake sensation, Yumna Jawad shares flavors, hacks and time-saving tips to get you excited about cooking. We talk about her background and how she started cooking (spoiler: it wasn’t until her twenties so don’t feel like you need to be born a gourmet chef to make delicious food.)

Yumna’s cookbook is out next week and you’ll get a first peek at the ingredients and recipes in this interview. This episode is all about rediscovering love of food and nourishing your body.



In this foodie episode:

    • Learning to love cooking
    • Swaps, hacks and time-saving tips in the kitchen
    • How to create Mediterranean flavors
    • Yumna’s top 8 ingredients in her cookbook
    • Make meal prep easier (and tastier!)


Listen to make meal prep feel less like a routine & more like a flavor getaway!


Episode: How to be healthy without dieting





“I’m Lebanese and… you know, the way we show love is through food.” – Yumna Jawad



Website: https://feelgoodfoodie.net/ 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/feelgoodfoodie
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Have you ever stumbled across a dish so steeped in culture and heritage it takes you on a journey with just one bite? That’s the magic of Mediterranean recipes, a realm where Yumna Jawad, the Feel Good Foodie, reigns supreme with her culinary magic. Step into Yumna’s kitchen—a space where the Mediterranean’s waves crash against the shores of homey Midwestern comfort food!

Comfort found in Cooking

Do you remember the aromas of your childhood kitchen? For Yumna, that nostalgia became a bridge to her roots when distance from family and the desire for comfort food led her to pick up the phone and learn the secrets of her mother’s recipes. Here’s foodie inspiration at its finest: “I felt like I was craving that comfort food that my mom always cooked.” And so, the journey of the Feel Good Foodie began, one phone call and one recipe at a time…until there are now over 1,000 of them!

The Feel Good Foodie didn’t just grow up with food; she grew up with stories, traditions, and love, all served on a platter. Her philosophy? Make cooking accessible, demystify the seemingly complex, and celebrate the fusion that bridges worlds. It’s not just food; it’s a culinary hug, inviting you to indulge in flavors that whisper stories of faraway lands and the comfort of a home kitchen.

It’s so encouraging to hear Yumna’s recipe journey because she didn’t start as a recipe expert, her work today is the result of lots of experimentation, playing in the kitchen and always seeking inspiration from her roots and feedback from her community.



From Blog to Book: A Decade of  Foodie Inspiration

When Yumna started her blog it was a lot of what we might search for – how to make quinoa taste good or putting together a creamy avocado toast. These days, she puts a Mediterranean twist on almost every recipe where it makes sense. It was about finding her niche and introducing people to some excitingly different flavors. Listen to her decade long journey from food blogger newbie to recipe master.

Yumna also gives us a peek at what to expect from her brand new cookbook, with 125 recipes that you can make easily in 30 minutes or less. These are delicious twists on favorites as well as completely new recipes. Her mission is to create recipes that have that feeling of welcome, home and comfort in each meal.

“I’m Lebanese,” Yumna shares, “and the way we show love is through food.” Her journey from admiring her mother’s elaborate meals to embracing the joy of cooking is a beautiful reminder of how food connects us and brings joy.

You’ll hear some of her favorite flavors in this episode AND cooking hacks and tips to help build your confidence in the kitchen – whether you love being there or have been avoiding it for years!


Resourceful, Sustainable, Delicious

My favorite part of this interview is hearing how Yumna creates recipes. She focuses on an idea but also on how to make it sharable, sustainable and delicious. That means researching and testing lots of flavors but also thinking about how to make it simple enough for anyone to try. (For example, if you thought toffee was challenging to make, you won’t after listening to this interview!)

We also talk about how sustainable food means thinking about how it nourishes your body but not from a standpoint of extreme dieting. Instead, her philosophy is more about adding in textures, colors and flavors too keep it exciting but also give you energy. It’s so interesting to hear about her own mindset shift around food and what started it. You will relate to this food journey!

Finally, we talk about how leftovers are key for any recipe maker and that’s one of her favorite chapters in her new cookbook.  “I am such a queen of using leftovers,” Yumna confesses, and so am I (especially when it means less dishes and time spent cooking!) She shares one leftover trick from her book that you can start right away.

So, are you ready to don your apron and infuse a dash of Yumna’s foodie inspiration into your cooking? There’s a spot at the table for you, and it’s been set with love.


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