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inspiration in life and art with artist silver francs

Episode: 266


Inspiration in Art and Life with Silver Francis

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Inspiration in art and life with artist Silver Francis

Finding Inspiration in Art & Life

Looking for inspiration? We’re venturing into the heart of creativity, passion and self-expression.

In this interview, we talk to artist Silver Francis about finding inspiration from around and within us. She shares her experience of connecting and evolving with her art as well as the deep connection she’s found in nature. It’s a journey filled with drive and heart!



In this inspirational podcast episode:

  • Embracing your unique story for inspiration
  • The impact of nature on creativity
  • Strategies for greater self-expression


Listen for a creative awakening and big dose of empowerment!



Website: www.silverfrancis.com 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/silverfrancisart
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@silverfrancisart
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/silverfrancisart/


Episode 265: Overcoming Creativity Blocks



“I think we’re all creative individuals. It’s about allowing for self-expression to tap deep into that source.” – Silver Francis 


Embrace Your Unique Story

The episode encourages you to find inspiration from your own unique backgrounds and experiences, just as Silver Francis did from her forest upbringing, reinforcing that individuality is the most powerful source of creativity. Silver shares an amazing example of this with her journey to embracing both the feminine and masculine aspects of her identity. This interview is about inspiring you to honor all facets of yourself in your creative projects!


The Roots of Inspiration in Art and Life 

Silver shares her artistic process from idea generation to painting on canvas. She delves deep into how to find inspiration and how to cultivate an environment that encourages you to create, along with seeking a community that will nourish your vision. Importantly, she also speaks to what to do on the days when you’re feeling discouraged or overwhelmed and struggling to create.


Find Inspiration in your Passions

You can draw inspiration from personal experiences by reflecting on how these experiences shape your world view and feelings, then expressing these reflections through your art or creative projects. Silver’s personal connection to nature is a beautiful example of this practice.

Her deep connection with nature illustrates how stepping outside, observing, and engaging with the natural world provides a wellspring of inspiration and a fresh perspective on art and life.


Questions answered in this podcast episode: 

  1. Why does it matter to lean into masculine and feminine energy for creative projects?
  2. What can I do when emotions are stopping me from creating?
  3. How a connection with nature bring me inspiration and creativity?

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