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Episode: 263


Fitness Psychology and the Art of Making Anything a Habit

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Making fitness a habit takes this…

(but we never talk about it!)

What’s never discussed when it comes to wellness habits and lifestyle change? Fitness Psychology.

If I were to design my fitness programs over again I would make it 80% about fitness psychology and 20% about non-diet nutrition and workouts. It’s that powerful.

In this episode we talk about this missing link and how it can transform the way you adopt ANY habit. Get practical advice for shifting behaviors and blocks stopping you from moving forward with your goals.

In this mindset podcast episode we discuss:

  • What is fitness psychology and why it matters
  • Why most coaches won’t cover this in fitness program
  • The 5 behavior shifts to make for more sustainable goals (fitness and life!)


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Episode 179: Why We Need More than Willpower?



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“The more emotional baggage you have around a habit or something you want to do, the more difficult it will be for you to shift that.”


Shifting Motivation

Ever wondered how you can break free from the cycle of negative emotions when it comes to fitness? Well, here’s the game-changer – shift your motivation. Instead of being driven by shame or guilt, start by respecting yourself and forgiving any past slip-ups. Focus on how amazing you’ll feel, not how down you might feel now. It’s about embracing positivity and self-improvement.


 Transitioning Focus (Fitness and More) 

Stop constantly checking the mirror for progress. It’s time for a new approach. Shift your focus from appearances to sensations. Feel the muscles engaging, sense the surge of energy, and savor the confidence that comes with growing stronger. Let these feelings become your driving force.


Aligning Values to Make Habits Sustainable 

What truly matters to you in your fitness journey are values. It’s not about someone else’s values; it’s about yours. Align your goals with your core values. Craft a fitness journey that resonates deeply with what you believe in. When it’s personal, it becomes powerful.


Mental Training Techniques

Are you easily distracted during workouts? You’re not alone. Train your mind to stay in the moment. Dive deep into the exercise. Pay attention to form, muscles at work, and your breath. This not only makes you more effective but also keeps you connected to the present. Try mindfulness exercises or activities that demand intense focus, like jumping rope or meditation. You’ll not only enhance your fitness but also cultivate a mind that stays present and sharp. Activities like yoga and tai chi are also fantastic for connecting with your body and sensations.


Addressing Emotional Baggage

We all carry emotional baggage. It’s time to unpack and release. Acknowledge those emotions, explore them, and don’t be afraid to seek support. Whether it’s through therapy, self-help resources, or talking with a trusted friend, letting go of these emotional barriers can unleash your full potential. Start by reflecting on your motivations, values, and where your focus lies in your fitness journey. Identify areas where you can make positive shifts. Experiment with exercises that emphasize sensations over appearance. Incorporate mindfulness and mental training techniques gradually.


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