Feel Good Nakd

Overcoming negative body image issues

Episode: 251

The Sober Curious Experiment

What do you learn from going (semi) sober?

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What is sober curious?

Sober curious is examining your relationship with drinking. It’s looking at the ways that alcohol impacts your life experiences.

In this episode I’m giving you a unique way to be sober curious. The (semi) sober experiment is 30 days of reducing how much you drink and building awareness of how you use alcohol. I’ll share my experience – now more than a few months – and why it’s completely changed the way I view drinking. Our dependence and normalisation of alcohol makes it very difficult to pinpoint when is it a problem and when is it in balance? This episode is to help you figure that out. It’s also to support you in deciding what that relationship will look like in the future.

Listen for a mindset shift you weren’t expecting!


*For anyone suffering from alcohol addiction please listen to episode 104 with psychiatrist and founder of selfrecovery.org Dr. Daniel Hochman.



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